Why cute trumps smart every time

We all want our kids to be smart, right?

Smart kids understand phonics and ask questions. They make good decisions when offered bad things at parties. They revise for exams, and speak nicely to the right people.

Thanks to their brains, they’re soon on the path to success.

A good job, and a decent salary, leads to a better class of care home for you when the bits of your body that you would really rather didn’t fail, fail.

The bits responsible for your independence and dignity, and that you depend on to ensure going to the bathroom remains a solo activity.

Yes, it’s a no brainer…above all else, we want our kids to be smart.

Or do we?

There’s a problem with smart kids.

They can be annoying, pedantic, and precocious. They have a habit of making you, their parents, bumble around like dinosaurs any time anything new needs understanding.

They can, in short, make you look like an idiot.

If they’re right about things, and you’re wrong, and then they come to you for some parenting like the child they are, they can be hard to sympathise with.

Your insecurities are exposed leaving you clumsy, and fumbling, like a shovel handed brickie trying to thread a needle.

In response you lash out, and react, and forget who’s in charge. Your behaviour hurts them emotionally. They become withdrawn and alienated. Causing you to over-parent and suffocate them.

Before you know it they are teenagers with a penchant for legal-highs and girlfriends with blue hair.

It’s inevitable, I’m afraid.

What you need is cute kids – much more straightforward. Especially around the age of three, or four.

What’s that son? You “accidentally” drew a pair of boobs on your bedroom wall?

OK, well, I tell you what…I’ll pretend to dispense some parenting (we’ll do the tough love routine, OK?), and then you can go ahead and look all cute, I’ll forgive you, we’ll laugh and have a little cuddle, and we’re done until next time.

No seething resentment. No emotional torment to bury deep in the pit of your stomach.

No dwelling on anything, ever.

Just some bad behaviour, followed by some big brown eyes, some cute ruffled hair, and on we all roll.

The end result being a well-rounded, hang-up free, emotionally intelligent, acceptably successful human being who’ll say: “to hell with care homes…I’ll wipe your arse myself daddy!”

Cute trumps smart every time

(Image: via pixabay.com)



  1. Love this post. I was having a conversation with my Mum last week, she was saying my sister (who has moved cities) doesn’t have a lot of friends and doesn’t know how to make them. I laughed and said ‘yea but Mum, that’s your fault, you raised two incredibly smart, successful and driven children with the self assurance to chase goals… Social skills though, not so much’.
    We both laughed and agreed haha.


  2. I do get some of the humor in this! My 2yr old daughter sure is successful with getting into what she shouldn’t, my raised voice about starts or a “stop that” the cuteness overload is triggered and there she is smiling and hugging saying “hi momma!”. And all I want to do is laugh sometimes! Especially when that young, allowing the cuteness is better than a high emotional response. Good read!

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